— Beautiful legends from the ocean 


When modern people dedicate to pursue and enjoy technologies,

they unconsciously leave farer and farer from the most primitive purity and beauty.

The pure and flawless elegance becomes a hope of luxury.

The foundation of OCENSE was derived from legends of beautiful sea.

Dedicated to develop excellent natural skin care products which are based on precious oceanic elements,

OCENSE helps the skin to find the original purity, accompanying every user to express their confidence inside out in their every stage of life.


—  Become  a  better  you    



Deep Ocean Water

Brightening Moisturizing Spray


Water Artifact Instantly Relieves Muscle Deficiency

Whitening Moisturizer x Perfect forerunner, 100% ocean deep water

A variety of compound herbal essences, one spray instantly deep hydration to supplement minerals

Perfectly restores skin vitality.